Corona Virus 2020

The Lincoln County Food Bank is open our normal times:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday-Noon to 4PM
The Drive thru system will continue thru April 30th

*An additional delivery service has been added for those who cannot leave their homes. You can call the number below, if you have that need…please leave a message and we will call you back to set up a time and get your information. We don’t want anyone going hungry just because they can’t come to us.
Also, if you want to make a donation but, prefer not to bring it to the food bank location, we will send a volunteer to pick it up. We all want to do our part, while still keeping the social distancing required. You can call the same number below to set up a pick up time and place. The volunteer coordinator will give you the safety protocol for all deliveries and pick ups. Call: 575-315-4928


We want to thank Debbie and Clay Harris for installing a piece of plexiglass across the Exit door, where our food boxes are given out. The additional protection is for both our volunteers and clients during the food box exchange.
With the plexiglass in place the worker is protected and yet there is enough room for the box to be pushed under the plexiglass through to the outside for our client to pick up.

(Door person will explain procedure to clients if they haven’t read this notice.)

  1. Our clients will continue to drive up and exit their car but, they will now place their ID up to the plexiglass where our Door Person inside will write down the information on the Client Information Form.
  2. After the information is entered into the computer, the door person then prepares a food box and will push it out to the client.

We are in hopes that the improved pick up procedure will add an additional layer of protection for everyone and ensure we can continue to offer our service during this difficult time that is now reaching beyond our regular clientele.

We continue to see so many hidden ‘hero’s’ step up to help by donating food and funds during this time. We are overwhelmed with the compassion of our community and even those outside our village who are donating to help keep this service going.
Thank you, for the many donations that have helped keep this service going …especially during this difficult time. Albertsons was able to donate and we know that’s difficult to do when they are trying to keep their store stocked…thank you, Kevin and crew!!
To the many individuals who have quietly chosen to help and not hoard…you are earth angels!!

And no amount of food or funding would even matter if we didn’t have the most amazing group of volunteers who have always been willing to give their time to help a neighbor…but, now they have chosen to put their own health at risk to continue helping others.
What you don’t see are the after hours that they spend restocking, preparing boxes for the next day and worrying about how to increase some of the food items that we may lack…even if it means going to the store themselves, to insure the next shift has full shelves.
The food bank isn’t just a way for them to show their community loyalty during a difficult time…it’s an ongoing innate compassion and passion from their hearts that has kept our doors open for many years. Thank you, to our volunteers…you are the hands to our heart!
We can all find a way to help each other during this time and our amazing community will come out even stronger than before.
Blessings for continued peace and protection! #havehope #keepthefaith #wewillgetthru