Items to Donate

Items to Donate

Lincoln County Food Bank plays a critical role in feeding the hungry and providing support to vulnerable individuals and families. We rely on donations of food, money, and other essentials to carry out our work. If you’re considering donating to us, it’s important to know what items to donate and what’s most needed.


The majority of the food distributed by food banks is non-perishable, meaning it has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration. Some examples of non-perishable food items that are always in demand include canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat and fish, canned soups and stews, pasta, rice, cereal, and peanut butter. It’s important to choose foods that are high in nutrients and have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.


items to donate

While non-perishable items are essential for food banks, fresh produce is also highly valued. If you have a garden or access to fresh produce, consider donating any excess to us. This can include fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and berries, as well as vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and onions.


In addition to food, we also accept donations of personal hygiene products, such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and deodorant. These items can be expensive, and they are often overlooked when it comes to charitable giving. However, they are essential for maintaining basic hygiene and can help boost the self-esteem of those who are struggling to make ends meet.


Parents with young children often face the toughest challenges when it comes to food insecurity. We accept donations of baby formula, diapers, and other baby supplies. These items can be expensive and are often in high demand.


Finally, monetary donations are always appreciated. They allow us to purchase fresh produce, meat, and dairy products, which are often the most expensive items to acquire.

In conclusion, Lincoln County Food Bank relies on a variety of donations to carry out our important work. By donating non-perishable food items, fresh produce, personal hygiene products, baby supplies, and money, you can help ensure that those in need have access to the resources they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Find out how to donate to us and where we are located by visiting the links below: